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Deluxe room “Stanza del Vescovo”

Deluxe room “Stanza del Vescovo”

Room Plan

Lake View


Deluxe room on the second floor of the main building with direct lake view through five large windows. One of them is in the bathroom area.

Adjacent to a wall covered with a cracked plaster, an unusual canopy bed contemporary reinterpreted, offers a rarefied and austere atmosphere. In front of it there is a bath tub “tinozza”-shaped from where you can admire the beautiful panorama offered by the San Giulio Island, relaxing in a regenerating bath or having a candlelight dinner caressed by the reflections of the lake.

Seemingly insignificant details, but in reality fundamental clues for those who can identify themselves with a place rich in history and spirituality. The bathroom is characterized by an ascetic essentiality, where the deep simplicity, as the flow of water, becomes the protagonist, through which you can implement the daily purification and regeneration.

The room has also an attack for PC, personal IPod or IPhone for the listening of one’s own music selection.

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