HOTEL SAN ROCCO New Classic Hydrogen Hotel s.r.l.

Grand Buffet of August 2014




Fin de Claire Oysters
Norwegian smoked salmon canapes with butter with herbs de Provence
Mixed fried seafood in foil
Pan sweet lard with mountain herbs with raisins of Corinth
Skewer toma Mottarone with pearls of white and red grapes of Puglia
Cream puffs stuffed with melted Aosta Valley paprika
Bundle warm with Luganiga
Puff pastry with salted sardines Sciacca
Pizzette handmade pasta with oregano Agrigento and Fontina d'Aosta
Frittini mixed batter in the garden
Bruschetta with black 7-Grain bread, flavored with extra virgin organic "The Tognazza" with plum tomato and basil Riviera


Dinner Buffet

Cubicle Land

Battuta raw meat Fassone 

Veal with tuna sauce recipe old Savoy
Salad of tuna Carmagnola gray rabbit with sage scented with juniper on a crisp songino
Smoked ham with melon, and spumoni Valdossola ricotta Sejrass chives
Couscous rice cereal with pine nuts, raisins and mint Pancalieri

Corner meats & cheeses

Piacenza Enna, Ragusa Dop,
Ossolana smoked ricotta, Grana Padano DOP,
Soppressata Veneta, mortadella and salami with butter curls
by the company Luigi Guffanti since 1886
IGOR Gorgonzola DOP Gran Riserva


Cubicle Sea

Arragostelle steamed together with its sauces on a bed of baby lettuce and vegetables in vinaigrette 

Lake trout with spinach and novel finochietti crispy with a cascade of black truffle perlage
Cascade of smoked swordfish and tuna with olives and red onion jam
  Moscato di Pantelleria
God octopus salad and potatoes of the valley
Salad of mixed sea and cherry tomatoes and olives



Risotto "San Rocco"
with red beets and Gorgonzola D.O.P
Salt cod ravioli with fresh tomato and basil concassé Ligurian



Spallotto veal baked with potatoes and vegetables Dell 'Orto
Baked grouper cooked with salt of Cervia fragrant Mediterranean herbs,
with baby tomatoes au gratin

Grand Buffet of desserts, ice cream and fruit

with a special selection of our Chef Patissier

Caffè Vergnano 1882




Champagne Comte De Montaigne
Arneis Bricco Delle Cherry Almond
Dolcetto Ceretto
Moscato Dezzani
 Prosecco Martini
Water San Pellegrino & Acqua Panna

In the evening

Music Concert Jazz
Launch of Lanterns
Animator for children


Cost of the evening

€ 89.00 per person, including drinks
€ 45.00 for children from 3 to 11 years
Tribute up to 3 years 



Start Dinner 7.00 p.m. Seats are limited and reservations strongly recommended

For reservations: phone 0322911977 or email