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Ouf Chef

Ouf Chef

Loredana Fiorio, Executive Chef, has an outstanding career in various hotels and restaurants and will lead 'with skill, flair and creativity, the brigade of "San Rocco".


The kitchen Loredana is accurate in distinguishing tastes, exalting the raw materials, making childhood memories emerge even some x, leaving a precise memory of the dish tasted. Its roots lie in the region of Piedmont, but suffers the influence of its origins in part Lombard / Venetian, therefore, is enhanced by different cues that always tend to revive ancient tastes.


He worked mainly in Piedmont, in quality restaurants, including the San Giors and the Three Hens, and since 2000 he obtained the professional qualification of Sommeiller.
His cuisine has often been the subject of interest for newspapers, such as "PRINT", "REPUBLIC", "ILGIORNALE" and foreign newspapers, as well as some television networks.