"Hydrogen Lake Beach" located in Pella is the picturesque White sandy beach and crystal clear waters with a view of the island of San Giulio And is available to hotel guests.
Not far from the hotel and accessible either by car ( about a 15-minute drive) or by boat starting directly from the hotel pier (about a 3-minute boat ride), the beach has a private pier giving the option of arriving directly by boat and docking.
Sunbeds and boat transfers booked from the front desk (in the summer period there are defined times for transfers co the boat).
You can also celebrate your private event ( birthday, various anniversaries and corporate events).
*For private event requests, please contact : eventi@hotelsanrocco.it

"Moments of difficulty, in our typically Italian spirit, are also moments of opportunity to reflect, operate, combine excellence and create new opportunities for knowledge in the new findings that from the smallest to the largest Italian companies that produce in our national and local territory have developed and that express the good, the good and the beautiful that man also knows how to create.

Our credo has always been: Safe and Sustainable Receptivity".


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