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Hotel San Rocco has a beautiful restaurant located on the second floor with large arched windows on which opens an enchanting and romantic view of the lake and the Island of San Giulio and two terraces overlooking the lake to enjoy in spring and summer. Its cuisine is a rare example of refined culinary art and it is renowned for the organization of special events and convivial pleasures.

The culinary philosophy of Roberto Ottone Chef

Elegancefreshnessrespect for tradition e discovery are the four cornerstones of the culinary philosophy of Roberto Ottone, chef with over thirty years of experience behind him, whose collaborations have led him to exhibit his art in the most renowned Italian hotels.
Today, with the dream of being able to root his identity and philosophy in a restaurant capable of capturing his ideas and expertise, he places his trust in the renowned Hotels San Rocco facing the lake Orta whose Magic Theatre Restaurant, a place of continuous fascination, will become the stage for a new collaboration that, in addition to being attentive to the culinary tradition of the territory, winks at issues of sustainability and concepts of circular cuisine.

Spring Air! 🌸 It is with great joy that we inform you that we are preparing to welcome you to the reopening of the season on March 25, to pamper you and let you fully experience the relaxation and serenity so deserved. We invite you to discover the packages by Springfor an exciting and enveloping experience on one of the most romantic lakes in the world, our beloved Lake Orta.

The menu

The menu of Teatro Magico Restaurant is a perfect symphony of flavors ready to delight even the most demanding palates.

We are preparing new gourmet dishes for the reopening of the 2022 season.

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