Nature Suite

Central body

Suite located on the second floor of the main building, it overlooks the lake with a spectacular view of the Island of San Giulio through five large windows, one of which is in the bathroom area.

An evocative ecological fireplace fuelled by denatured alcohol, warms and inebriates the various rooms, from the bedroom with its "king-size" bed, to the living room dominated by comfortable sofas, a spacious dining table and a large Jacuzzi tub with chromotherapy, from which you can embrace and admire a unique panorama lulled by the sounds, colours and scents that the surrounding nature of the "enchanted" lake can offer in an ever-changing way.

The bathroom, in addition to guaranteeing every kind of comfort, is characterized by a spacious and bright Turkish shower-bath, entirely covered in natural stone, and that can comfortably accommodate two people.

It features a bench with an upper waterfall, six horizontally arranged shower heads that trace unusual custom-made geometries and a sophisticated touch&steam panel, which produces indifferently steam bath, chromotherapy, hot air circulation, all through a wonderful lake view.

The room also has a connection for laptops and mobile devices to listen to your music selection.

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  • Beds

    King size bed

  • Other services

    Jacuzzi with chromotherapy, Turkish bath shower, connection for laptops and mobile devices

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