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Artist: Abdon Zani
Year: 2011

Every time we consume, we create waste. After years of hiding waste in a hole or in the sea, after burning it and intoxicating ourselves, we have learned to turn it into a resource before being buried in it. Now waste is energy, raw material, a symbol of efficiency, conscience and virtuosity. We won, we can continue to consume undisturbed! Have we won? OOPS!!! And now?

  • Support

    Frosted earth

  • Technique

    Casting, Single firing 1020°.

  • Dimensions

    H 175 cm x W 100 cm x D 120 cm

Abdon Zani

Born in the province of Milan, eclectic and experimental spirit, he studied ceramics first in Milan and then in Faenza, where he lives and has his studio.
In recent years he has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan and China.
Fascinated by that machine so perfect and controversial that is man, he brings in his works a critical nuance, sometimes ironic, on what is our society with its paradoxes.
It seeks to materialize a vision of a future in which the great gaps between science and consciousness have been bridged.
The result is complex, meticulous works that move from sculpture to installation, whose creative process is characterized by a careful preparatory phase followed by the realization. The sculptural technique blends with that obsessive seriality typical of our time, giving it a POP character.

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